* Preclinical imaging @ UiT Preclinical Core Facility (PET, CT, SPECT, MR)
* Positron emission particle tracking (PEPT)
* Modular PET (positron emission tomography) and applications to plant studies (video)
* Monte Carlo simulation in nuclear imaging
* Computational fluid dynamics simulation (ref e.g. here & there)
* 3D scanning & printing

Ancient activities

* Self-burying drilling robot (Badger Explorer)
* Flexible OLED
* Lithography (imprint lithography, electron beam lithography, optical lithography)
* Nanofabrication
* Microscopy (atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, confocal systems)

Talks and posters

(Here lists those I presented in person. Contact me for materials.)

* Applying a modular PET system to investigate bioremediation of subsurface contamination
* Numerical investigation of a transformable modular PET system

* Visualising multiphase flow in process equipment and biological structure using PEPT

* Biologically inspired microstructures
* Thomas Young and his experiments with light

* Detecting anomalies in the separation process in a hydrocyclone using a medical PET scanner
* Using a PET camera to track individual phases in process equipment with high temporal and spatial resolutions: Algorithm development

* CLEANSAND project (@Tekna Separation Technology Conference)
* Particle trajectories in a hydrocyclone measured by PEPT
* Numerical study of the "end of the vortex" phenomenon in a hydrocyclone separator
* PEPT: an invaluable tool for 3-D particle tracking and CFD simulation verification in hydrocyclone studies

* Particle flow in a hydrocyclone investigated by radioactive particle tracking

* Unusual dynamics of the liquid-solid-vapor interface during evaporation of the solution droplet of crystallizable molecules

* High-aspect-ratio silicon nanopillar arrays fabricated by oxygen-free reactive ion etching process
* Membrane fluctuations of a multiple-domain lipid vesicle measured by differential confocal microscopy

* Optical measurement of voltage-induced membrane movements of bilayer lipid vesicles

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