Being disappointed with the recent commercialization of the Internet, I have in moved my homepage to TreeNet (my page is in the middle of the three homepages on the photograph).

TreeNet is a non-profit network, founded by myself and childhood friend Hogne Bjørdalsbakke, where everyone can, without paying a service-provider or even owning a computer, publish and link to other pages in the net. The principle is simple: Homepages are printed on paper, and hung on a tree in a specific location (see below). If you want to link to another page, a physical thread is used.

For dedicated Internet users TreeNet will probably at first be felt having serious drawbacks, firstly very slow access time (can only be accessed by physically traveling to the TreeNet's location), secondly: the services available is at the present time in no way comparable to the Internet. And updating is slow. But each to one's taste. There are currently no plans to link TreeNet to the Internet.

TreeNet is localized in Ørsta, Western Norway, a ten-minutes walk north of the small lake Bjørdalsvatnet (signs show the path).

For information about me, Volda University College's Department of Media and Journalism still keeps an Internet page on me here.