Two New Reports!

Our Media Use, Culture and Public Connection project team has two bright new reports out. Both are in Norwegian. The first sums up findings from the first round of the qualitative sub project. The second presents findings from the Norwegian data in the Reuters Institute Digital News Report.

Both reports are available for free:
First report: Bruksmønstre for digitale nyheter. Reuters Institute Digital News Report, Norge 2017
Second report: Mediebruk og offentlig tilknytning.
Hallvard Moe

Latest activities

Media diversity committee done
The Ministry of Culture-appointed committee evaluating policies for media diversity delivered its report in March 2017. More info (in Norwegian) and short summary (in English).

Teaching new course
In the autumn of 2017, I'll teach a new masters course on news consumption, online media and democracy, at my department. The course code is MEVI371, and it's gonna be great. More info (in Norwegian)

Latest presentation

with Kari Karppinen "The emergence of exposure diversity as a media policy objective: Tracing the impact of research on media policy", paper to be presented at the NoPSA Congress, Aug 8-11 (Odense, Denmark).

Upcoming presentation

"Media use and public connection: Report from an ongoing Norwegian project", presentation at Högre seminarium, Department of Media & Communication Studies Södertörn University, Nov 28 (Stockholm, Sweden).
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