Solveig Bjørnestad

  Cand. Polit.,    
  Assistant Professor in Information Science    

Main Research Interests

  • To study how use of semantic information can enhance reuse of software artifacts, object-oriented analysis models in particular. This work is partly based on findings from research within cognitive science and linguistics.
  • To use object-oriented database technology to implement semantic nets. I have implemented an object-oriented version of WordNet using ObjectStore where word meanings in WordNet are linked up to role names in OOram role models.
  • Object-oriented modelling and databases in general, and object-oriented software development and reuse.
  • The use of XML for data transfer between client and server applications.

Current Projects

  • ROSA - Reuse of Object-oriented Specifications through Analogy.
  • MELON - MacroEconomics Laboratory ONline.

Other Interests


  • The development of object-oriented frameworks for particular application domains and the documentation of these to ease reuse, particularly the use of design patterns.
  • The use of World Wide Web to enhance interactive learning and to set up intranet for special interest groups through the vevER and MELON projects.
  • Software development methodologies including agile methods, i.e. Extreme Programming.

Teaching responsibilities

  Introductory programming in Java using an Objects First approach.  

Previously I have taugth

  • Construction and Implementation of Information Systems II IV132 - spring 2002.
  • Construction and Implementation of Information Systems (IV131).
  • Introductory programming using Java (fall 2000)
  • IV001 - I was responsible for the first course in Introduction to Information Science in 1999
  • I22 - Data structures and algorithms (1987 - 1998)
  • I32 - Object-oriented programming (the last time spring of 1998)
  • object-oriented methods and techniques (graduate level)

I am also

  • on the program committee for ROOTS (Resent Object-Oriented Trends Symposium) 2001-2006.

Previous tasks


  • leader of the Educational Board at the Department of Information Science, Universtity of Bergen (1998-2003).
  • member of the Educational Board at the Faculty of Social Science (2002-2003).
  • member of the Library Board at the Faculty of Social Science (2001-2002).
  • on the organizing committee for the Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, SCAI'03, in 2003.
  • On the organizing committee for IRIS'24 (Information systems Research seminars In Scandinavia) in 2001.
  • University of Bergen's representative to the board of International Consortium for Courseware Engineering (ICCE).
  • I was on the program committee of EdMedia'98.
  • The treasurer of NIK, Norsk Informatikk Konferanse (1997-2001).
  • I organized NIK'97 at Voss outside of Bergen Nov 24-26, 1997
  • On the board of the NIK-foundation (1995-2001)
  • I taught at the 1997 ICCE Summer Institute at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MA.

University of Bergen,
Department of Information Science and Media Studies,
N-5020 BERGEN, Norway
+47 55 58 41 30

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