Thomas Hobbes

Illustration of Thomas Hobbes (as imagined as Hobbes in Calvin & Hobbes

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Thomas Hobbes


University of Bergen


Phone: +47 999 99 999

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Born 5 April 1588, Westport near Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England. Died 4 December 1679 (aged 91) Derbyshire, England. Main interests: Political philosophy, history, ethics, geometry, tuna sandwhich, hunting. Notable ideas: Modern founder of the social contract tradition; life in the state of nature is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short."

General foods eaten by Hobbes

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet t-bone pork belly spare ribs, leberkas flank rump meatloaf sausage pastrami shoulder. Pork belly venison spare ribs pig filet mignon, sausage tenderloin corned beef beef pastrami flank ham beef ribs chicken biltong. Shankle filet mignon tenderloin swine bresaola leberkas sausage turducken pork loin. Leberkas hamburger chuck kielbasa bacon pastrami bresaola. Tail pastrami t-bone pancetta corned beef, brisket leberkas beef ribs salami swine boudin meatloaf pig pork. Pig meatloaf hamburger cow meatball corned beef jerky frankfurter pancetta. Tongue pig bacon, swine chuck andouille sausage frankfurter chicken strip steak pork.

Venison ground round kielbasa meatloaf. Brisket pig pastrami ribeye ham hock. Strip steak tongue sirloin pork chop tenderloin spare ribs, swine prosciutto. Tenderloin brisket bresaola tongue chuck swine jerky ground round corned beef turkey t-bone kielbasa tri-tip. Turducken beef ribs bacon jerky pig bresaola.

Beef ribs tenderloin bacon strip steak shankle pancetta turkey tail leberkas bresaola tongue drumstick rump jowl short loin. Prosciutto pork belly ribeye chicken venison turducken. Turkey tri-tip pork belly sirloin spare ribs. Venison rump pork, pig tri-tip jowl short ribs chuck shoulder pork loin. Ground round brisket rump andouille turducken ribeye shankle ham hock chuck.

A poem for Hobbes

This tiger is sprawled so still and so flat,
a question arises when glancing thereat.
Is he asleep? To be perfectly frank,
he looks more as if he was creamed by a tank!

How much is that tiger in the window?
The one who does nothing but sleep?
We'll spread him out flat in the rec room
and have a new rug if he's cheap!

Tiger sprawling in the sun!
Fast asleep, his day is done.
Lying here, 'twas warmth he sought.
The sun has made his tummy hot.
One sad fact he overlooked:
His brain is now completely cooked!