Research interests

Hyperbolic problems.

Uncertainty quantification: polynomial chaos methods, reduced-order representation

Boundary conditions and time-stability

Numerical methods for subsurface CO2 storage


Ph.D. Computational & Mathematical Engineering, Stanford University 2013

Ph.D. Scientific Computing - Numerical analysis, Uppsala University 2013

M.S. Sociotechnical Engineering, Uppsala University 2008.


CO2 Storage in the North Sea: Quantification of Uncertainties and Error Reduction (CONQUER)



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  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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  • Conference Proceedings and Technical Reports

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    N-5020 Bergen
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    +47-407 25 224
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    Room 4G4a
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  • Springer textbook on stochastic Galerkin methods for hyperbolic problems. We focus on analysis of the SG formulation and development of robust numerical solvers.

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