Previous Post Doc and PhD Projects
Organic Synthesis & Reaction Mechanisms

ASynthesis of Benzo[c]cinnolines and Carbazoles: New synthetic methods and mechanistic studies

Raquel Rodríguez González (2006)        PhD student

A New selective, catalytic, and eco-fiendly oxidation processes in mildconditions

Cristian Gambarotti  (2006)                        Visting PhD student form Politecnico di Milano

ODevelopment of new catalyic systems for     free-radical processes

Raffaele Spaccini (2009)                              Visting PhD student form Poiltecnico di Milano


Theory-assisted prediction and synthesis of ruthenium alkylidene complexes for olefin metathesis

Giovanni Occhipinti (2007)                           PhD student


Radical reactions in organic synthesis

Lucia Liguori, MSc. PhD. (July 2004)          Post Doc., Senior scientist (Fluens Synthesis)


Ligation and metal mediated self-assembly         of peptides and proteins

Henrik Koefod Munch (July 2005)                    Visting PhD student form the Univ. of Copenhagen



Design and development of novel syntheses leading to the polyprenylquinones Idebenone    and Coenzyme Q10

Anna Tsoukala (2011)                      PhD student                

Anna Tsoukala

Alkylation Functionalization of the            imidazole backbone

Alexander H. Sandtorv (2015)                       PhD. student


Novel Synthetic Methodology and Total Syntheses of Highly Functionalized Carbazoles and Benzo[c]cinnolines

Vijayaragavan Elumalaic (2018)                  PhD. student


Continuous flow processing an enabling technology. Amidation, oxidation, reduction, and other essential synthetic reactions.

Audun Drageset (2018)                                    PhD. student


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