Department of Earth Science

University of Bergen


Wojciech (Wojtek) NEMEC

Professor of Geology


Academic degrees:

● MSc degree in Geology, from the University of Wroclaw, Poland, 1973.

● DNSc (Doctor of Natural Sciences) degree, from the University of Wroclaw , 1979.

Personal specialization:

I am a clastic sedimentologist with main interest in physical processes of sediment transport and deposition. My other research interests and teaching activity include facies analysis, petroleum geology and geostatistics.


Main areas of research:

● Clastic sedimentary environments – depositional processes, facies analysis and basin stratigraphy

● Mechanics of sediment transport, especially sediment gravity flows and other mass-movement processes

● Deltas and submarine turbiditic systems – processes, facies and morphodynamics

● Colluvium (talus) and lacustrine deposits – depositional processes, facies and palaeoclimatic proxy record

● Ice-front depositional systems, particularly marine moraines

● Coal-bearing sedimentary successions

● Volcaniclastics and volcanic processes in continental sedimentary basins


Earlier and present field projects:

Lower Palaeozoic of the Norwegian Caledonides: Ordovician-Silurian continental margin deposits and sedimentary mélanges (Atløy); Devonian alluvium ( Hornelen Basin ).

Upper Palaeozoic of the Central Sudetes and Fore- Sudetic Monocline , SW Poland : Permian Rotliegend and Weissliegend; Late Carboniferous coal-measures and volcanics; deep-marine Lower Carboniferous and Upper Devonian.

● Mesozoic and Tertiary of the North Sea and Norwegian Continental Shelf: wide range of fluvial, shallow-marine and deep-marine deposits (Cook Fm, Etive Fm, Frigg Fm, Garn Fm, Heather Fm, Lunde Fm, Ness Fm, Oseberg Fm, Skagerak Fm, Sleipner Fm, Sognefjord Fm, Statfjord Fm, Tarbert Fm, Tilje Fm).

● Cretaceous and Tertiary of Spitsbergen ( Svalbard ): fluvio-deltaic Helvetiafjellet Fm.; shelfal Janusfjellet Fm. and Carolinefjellet Fm.; deltaic Firkanten Fm.

● Tertiary of central Bulgaria (volcaniclastic alluvial fans in Alpine molasse), Spain (shallow-marine deposits in Almeria district and turbidites in San Sebastian area), southern Italy (Numidian Flysch in Sicily, Flysch di Motta in south Calabria, tidal biocalcarenites in Amantea Basin) and Turkey (Antalya Basin, Ermenek Basin, Isparta Basin, Sinop-Boyabat Basin).

● Quaternary of Norway and Svalbard (ice-front deposits and postglacial colluvium), Greece (alluvial fans and raised beaches in Crete , colluvium in central Peloponnes), Spain (river potholed bedrock terraces in Cáceres district) and Turkey (modern lakes, colluvial aprons, alluvial fans and lacustrine gravelly palaeobeaches in central Anatolia ).


Recent main publications ( complete publication list):

● Blikra, L.H. & Nemec, W. (1998) Postglacial colluvium in western Norway : depositional processes, facies and palaeoclimatic record. Sedimentology, 45: 909-959.

Nemec, W., Kazancı, N. & Mitchell, J.G. (1998) Pleistocene explosions and pyroclastic currents in west-central Anatolia . Boreas, 27: 311-332.

Nemec, W. & Kazancı, N. (1999) Quaternary colluvium in west-central Anatolia : sedimentary facies and palaeoclimatic significance. Sedimentology, 46: 139-170.

Nemec, W., Lønne, I. & Blikra, L.H. (1999) The Kregnes moraine in Gauldalen, west-central Norway : anatomy of a Younger Dryas proglacial delta in a palaeofjord basin. Boreas, 28: 454-476.

● Lønne, I. , Nemec, W., Bilkra, L.H. & Lauritsen, T. (2001) Sedimentary architecture and dynamic stratigraphy of a marine ice-contact system. Jour. Sediment. Research, B71: 922-943.

Lønne, I. & Nemec, W. (2004) High-arctic fan delta recording deglaciation and environment disequilibrium. Sedimentology, 51: 553-589.

Uchman, A., Janbu, N.E. & Nemec, W. (2004) Trace fossils in the Cretaceous-Eocene flysch of the Sinop-Boyabat Basin , Central Pontides , Turkey . Ann. Soc. Geol. Pol., 74: 197-235.

● Ilgar, A. & Nemec, W. (2005) Early Miocene lacustrine deposits and sequence stratigraphy of the Ermenek Basin, Central Taurides, Turkey. Sediment. Geol., 173: 233-275.

● Longhitano, S.G. & Nemec, W. (2005) Statistical analysis of bed-thickness variation in a Tortonian succession of biocalcarenitic tidal dunes, Amantea Basin , Calabria , southern Italy . Sediment. Geol., 179: 195-224.


W. Nemec      

Department of Earth Science

University of Bergen

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