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e-learning modules for the 2nd edition (HTML5 versions).

If you are using the 1st edition: Consider Chapter 8 as an addition to Chapter 7, and note the +1 change in numbering for Chapters 9-21. The newe-modulesdo NOT require FlashPlayer and run on iPads, smartphones in as well as computers.

Introduction (Chapter 1). (old swf file here)

Deformation (Chapter 2). (old swf file here)

Strain (Chapter 3). (old swf file here)

Rheology (Chapter 6). (old swf file here)

Folding (Chapter 12). (old swf file here)

Foliations (Chapter 13). (old swf file here)

Lineations (Chapter 14). (old swf file here)

Boudinage (Chapter 15). (old swf file here)

Shear zones (Chapter 16). (old swf file here)

Contraction (Chapter 17). (old swf file here)

Extension (Chapter 18). (old swf file here)

Strike-slip (Chapter 19). (old swf file here)

Salt tectonics (Chapter 20). (old swf file here)

Balancing and restoration (Chapter 21). (old swf file here)

OLD FLASH VERSION ONLY: Spherical projections (Chapter 1 and Appendix B)

These e-learning modules give the student/reader an opportunity to approach Structural geology ina somewhat different way, by means of animations and short and conscise text. Hence, these e-modules do not replace the book, they are just a supplement.



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