Bergen has long traditions for international research in polar oceanography and other areas of polar studies. Since we do not control our own infrastructure for polar field work, international collaboration is particularly important to maintain field activities which supplement and link to theoretical, modelling and remote sensing studies. The last International Polar Year in 2007-2008 left a clear message to the general public about significant and dramatic change in polar regions. BIG had activity between 2007 and 2014, but is onwards from 2015 continued in the polar network at University of Bergen. The e-mail list used to reach our BIG members is no longer working, and the member list is not up-dated.

The Bergen Ice Group was initiated in 2006, and is a group to coordinate cryospheric research based in Bergen in the future. After the workshop in february 2013 the name changed from Bergen Polar Ice Group to Bergen Ice Group. Most of the ice is found in polar areas, and in that way 'polar' seemed reduntant, but we also think that activity on glaciers could be a part of the activities in the future.

The scientists in the group are working mostly within the Bjerknes Centre, but also non-climate  related research is welcome. The four Bjerknes Institutions are the University of Bergen, Uni Research, the Nansen Environmental and Remotse Sensing Center, and Institute of Marine Research.  The group is coordinated by Lars H. Smedsrud at the Geophysical Institute and Pierre Rampal at the Nansen Environmental and Remotse Sensing Center.

Workshops have occured not very often, but migt be more frequent in the future.
Wednesday 13. February, 2013
Tuesday 30. January 2007

Bergen Polar Network

In 2014 an initiative from the leadership at the University of Bergen was taken to create a network of polar scientists crosscutting all faculties. Webpages for the new network can be found here:

One simple version of a Polar Network in Bergen could be an extension of Bergen Ice Group into biological and societal science. A polar day will be arranged 24. September 2014. After this event scientists outside the University will probably be invited along into this larger new network.