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Audrey J. Geffen
Professor, Department of Biology,
University of Bergen

Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture Research Group




Department of Biology/ Institutt for biologi
University of Bergen / Universitet i Bergen

Tel: +47 55 58 44 35 / Fax: +47 55 58 44 50
e-mail: Audrey.Geffen@bio.uib.no








Audrey Geffen, PhD (born 1956) is a professor in the Department of Biology, UoB. Her research is concerned with the environmental effects on the growth and composition of fish otoliths (ear stones), and their use in studying the movements and population structure in fish. Professor Geffen also has expertise in larval fish ecology and pelagic trophodynamics. She has worked in the USA on species interactions of larval fish, in the UK and in Norway on topics ranging from larval fish ecology to stock discrimination and reproductive biology. She is involved in theoretical and applied research on the growth and formation of fish otoliths. She has been a pioneer in exploring different techniques to analyze otolith composition. Her research on fish otoliths as recorders of life history have led to many international projects, and she has experience in the role of research partner and as coordinator of EU funded projects. These include:

Stock discrimination studies of Cod (CODTRACE) and of Herring (WESTHER)
The fundamentals of otolith formation (IBACS)

Calcification of Marine Organisms, Marie Curie ITN (CalMarO)

FishPopTrace: Population Structure and Traceability of Marine Fish and Seafood

Professor Geffen has been active on the steering committees of international symposia, has served on numerous editorial boards and is currently an editor of the ICES Journal of Marine Science.