C U R R I C U L U M     V I T A E




                Name:                     Arild Folkvord

                Address:                  Fr. Stangsvei 3,       5063 Bergen, Norway

                Phone:                     + 47 55122477  (private)         +47 413 00147 (mobile)

                Born:                       February 12 1960   Vevey, Switzerland 

Citizenship:              Norwegian


                Present employer:   Department of Biology (BIO), University of Bergen (UiB)

                Present position:      Professor

                Phone (work):         + 47 55 58 44 56

                Fax:                         + 47 55 58 44 50

                E-mail:                     arild.folkvord@bio.uib.no

                WWW:                     http://www.uib.no/personer/Arild.Folkvord




                University of Bergen, Norway                                  1994        University pedagogics

                                                                                                1989-93   Dr.scient. (PhD) degree


                University of California, San Diego, USA 1983-85   Master of science degree

                University of Bergen, Norway                                  1980-82   Bachelor degree

                University of Oslo, Norway                                      1978-80


Working experience:


Institute of Marine Research (adjunct position 20%)                                                               2012-

Director of Nordic Marine Academy (adjunct position)                                                            2005-2010

Department of Biology (BIO), UiB, Norway, professor                                                            2004-

                Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, University of Maryland, USA, sabbatical                          2003-2004

                Department of Fisheries and Marine Biology, UiB, Norway, professor                                   2000-2003

                Department of Fisheries and Marine Biology, UiB, Norway, associate professor                    1998-2000

                Department of Fisheries and Marine Biology, UiB, Norway, post-doc.                                    1994-97

                Paternity leave, Bergen, Norway, 5 months                                                                            1991

                Department of Fisheries and Marine Biology (IFM) UiB, Norway, research fellow                 1990-93

                Department of Fisheries Biology (IFB), University of Bergen (UiB), research fellow               1989-90

                Sea Farm A/S, Norway, production manager of juvenile cod and turbo                                 1986-89

                Pond project at IMR Austevoll, Norway, research assistant, 18 months                                  1985-86

                Pond project at IMR Austevoll, Norway, research assistant, 13 months                                  1980-83

                Salmon Farm, Mowi A/S, Norway, technical assistant, 2 months                                            1981


Working field:


Larval fish ecology, marine juvenile production, growth and condition estimation, fish recruitment, fish ageing




                Drivers licence (automobile)

                Divers licence CMAS

                Licensed researcher in Laboratory Animal Science (Felasa Category C)

                Falck Nutec survival suite course (December 2006)


Language skills:


                Norwegian, native level

                English, near native level

                German, Spanish, working level




                Norsk Zoologisk Forening


                Norske Havforskeres Forening

                Early life history section of The American Fisheries Society


Present and recent research and teaching projects: 


Participant and module leader in “KILO” project, 2012-2013 (ref. S. Sundby, IMR Bergen)

Participant in Landnemi (Turbot in Iceland) project 2010-2012 (ref. A. Imsland, Akvaplan)

Director of Nordic Marine Academy 2005-2010 (10 mill. NOK).

Participant in UiB network “Johan Hjort Center“ 2008-2009 (ref. S. Sundby, IMR Bergen) (0.25 mill NOK).

Partner in EU network “Understanding the mechanisms of stock recovery” (UNCOVER) 2006-2009 (ref. C. Hammer, Rostock, Germany) (UiB budget 0.039 mill EUR).

Participant in EU ITN (Initial Training Network) Calcification by Marine Organisms (CalMarO) 2008-2011 (ref. A. Gefffen, UiB)

Partner in Nordisk Ministerråd Projects, CodLog & MicroCod 2006-2008 (ref. P. Grønkjær, Århus, Denmark) (UiB budget 0.15 mill NOK).

Participant in NFR project “Progressive, modern production of juvenile Atlantic cod” (PROCOD), 2006-2008 (ref. A.K. Imsland, UiB) (UiB budget 2.2 mill. NOK).

Participant in NFR project “The occurrence of skipped spawning and its importance for population dynamics in Northeast Arctic gadoids”, 2009-2011 (ref. R.D.M. Nash, IMR Bergen)

Project leader of Meltzer project 2005-2006.High latitude climate variability and its effect on human settlement and fishery resources as revealed by fossil otoliths (0.4 mill NOK)

Principal scientist in EU network EUROCEANS 2003-2007

Partner in EU network TACADAR 2002-2006 (ref. E. Moksness IMR Flødevigen).

Participant in NFR project “Optimization of growth performance of juvenile cod by applying environmental regulation and water quality control”, 2003-2005 (ref. A.K. Imsland, UiB) (UiB budget 0.93 mill NOK).

Partner in EU project “Integrated approach to the biological basis of age estimation in commercially important fish species” (IBACS), 2002-2006 (UiB budget 0.147 mill EUR). (ref. Dr. B. Morales-Nin, Mallorca, Spain).

Partner in EU project “Association of Physical and Biological Processes acting on Recruitment and Post-Recruitment stages of Anchovy“ (ANREC), 2002-2005 (ref. Dr. A. Kallianiotis, Kavala, Greece) (UiB budget 0.14 mill EUR).

Partner in Research Locus “Early Life History of Marine Fish”. 2000-2004 (Annual budget 0.5 mill NOK) (ref. Dr. E. Janssen, UiB).

Participant and local contact of an EC-ARI (formerly Large Scale Facility; LSF) research project "Analysis of cellular RNA and DNA content in cod larvae under variable feeding conditions" 2001. (ref. Dr. R. González-Quirós, Oviedo, Spain).

Partner in NFR project “Environmental effects of produce water on egg and larval development and sex differentiation in cod. 2001-2003 (ref. Dr. A. Svardal, IMR Bergen). (UiB budget 1.05 mill. NOK).

Participant and contributor to EU project "Manual of Sclerochronology in fishes". 2000-2001 (ref. Dr. J. Panfili, Brest, France).

Participant and leader of 2 projects of NFR SUP "Environmental influence on fish stocks". 1999-2002. (Budget 7.3 mill NOK).

Programme leader of Norwegian Research Council (NFR) Strategic University Programme (SUP) “Theory and experiment based studies in recruitment in marine fishes”. 1995-2001 (Budget 7.0 mill NOK).