NAME                                                Tomas Mikal Lind Eagan


BIRTH DATE and                             23 July 1969

PLACE                                               Oslo, Norway


MARITAL STATUS                         Married, 2 children



1988                                                    Graduated from Farsund Gymnas

                                                            Examen Artium (equivalent to two years of college)


1995                                                    Graduated from medical school at

University of Bergen, Norway

                                                            Cand. Med.                            


2004                                                    PhD in Asthma epidemiology,

Institute of Medicine, University of Bergen, Norway




1995                                                    12 months residency at the surgical and medical department at Fylkessjukehuset (County Hospital) i Haugesund, Western Norway


1996                                                    6 months residency at a primary physicians clinic at Sivdammen legekontor, Time kommune (SouthWestern Norway)


1997                                                    Mandatory army service as a ships doctor at the frigate KNM Bergen (Royal Norwegian Navy)


Sep 1997-Aug 2001                            Junior Physician, Dept. of Thoracic Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital (from March 1999 50% research, 50% clinical)


 Aug 2001-Dec 2002.                         17 months staying at home during which my son received treatment for a medulloblastoma.


Jan 2003-Feb 2005.                            Junior physician at the Dept. of Thoracic Medicine (with 50% research work, 50% clinical from 1999 through April 2004)


Mar 2005-Sep 2005                            Junior physician at Department of Internal Medicine, section for endocrinology, Haukeland University Hospital


Sep 2005-Current                                Junior physician at Department of Internal Medicine, section for infectious diseases, Haukeland University Hospital





1.              Incidence and Remission of Asthma and Respiratory Symptoms in Adults

- The Hordaland County Cohort Study

PhD thesis, defended 27th of October 2004


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Journal                                                                        Number


Annals of Epidemiology                                              1
In J Tubercle And Lung Dis                                        1

J Clin Epidemiology                                                    2