Seventh Framework Programme. The People Programme


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The present project is funded by EU, number of the project 612669, the project started at 01.01.2014, ended at 31.12.2017.

The aim of the project is to make a major step-change in developing novel effective tools for studying complex systems based on stochastic geometry and stochastic evolution methods, on appropriate methods of analysis and combinatorics, as well as on numerical methods and computer simulations. The network we are going to create will unite efforts of leading specialists in this area towards scientific excellence, will establish new and strengthen existing long-term collaboration links between them, and will train a new generation of young researchers in this multidisciplinary area.

List of publications created during the network activities

1. G. Ivanov, A. Tochin, A. Vasiliev "General slit Loewner chains" link
2. A. Tochin, A. Vasiliev "Coupling of Gaussian free field with general slit SLE" link
3. G. Ivanov, H. G. Kang, A. Vasiliev "Slit holomorphic stochastic flows and Gaussian free field" link
4. A. Frolova, A. Vasiliev "Combinatorial description of jumps in spectral networks" link
5. A. Tochin "General slit stochastic Loewner evolution and conformal fields theory" link
6. M. Mineev-Weinstein, A. A. Brum, G. L. Vasconcelos "Velocity selection (without surface tension) in multi-connected Laplacian growth" link
7. B. Carneiro da Cunha, F. Novaes "Kerr-de Sitter Greybody Factors via Isomonodromy" link
8. B. Carneiro da Cunha, M. Guica "Exploring the BTZ bulk with boundary conformal blocks" link
9. B. Carneiro da Cunha, F. Rudrigues "Large gravitons and near-horizon diffeomorphisms" link
10. J. Barragan Amado, B. Carneiro da Cunha, E. Pallante "On the Kerr-AdS/CFT correspondence" link
11. G. L. Vasconcelos, M. Moura "Vortex motion around a circular cylinder above a plane" link
12. M. Brakalova, I. Markina, A. Vasiliev "Extremal functions for modules of systems of measures" link
13. C. C. Green, G. L. Vasconcelos "Multiple steady translating bubbles in a Hele-Shaw channel" link
14. G. L. Vasconcelos, J. S. Marshall1, D. G. Crowdy "Secondary Schottky-Klein prime functions associated with multiply connected planar domains" link
15. M. Brakalova, I. Markina, A. Vasiliev "Modules of systems of measures on polarizable Carnot groups" link
16. E. Grong, I. Markina, A. Vasiliev "Sub-Riemannian structures corresponding to Kaehlerian metrics on the universal Teichmuller space and curve" link
17. K. Furutani, I. Markina "Complete classification of pseudo H-type Lie algebras: I" link
18. K. Furutani, I. Markina "Complete classification of pseudo H-type Lie algebras: II" link
19. K. Furutani, M. Godoy Molina, I. Markina, T. Morimoto, A. Vasiliev "Lie algebras attached to Clifford modules and simple graded Lie algebras" link
20. K. Furutani, I. Markina, A. Vasiliev "Free nilpotent and H-type Lie algebras. Combinatorial and orthogonal designs" link
21. M. Godoy Molina, E. Grong, I. Markina "Submersions and curves of constant geodesic curvature" link
22. M. Godoy Molina, B. Kruglikov, I. Markina, A. Vasiliev "Rigidity of 2-step Carnot groups" link
23. E. Grong, I. Markina, A. Vasiliev "Sub-Riemannian geometry on infinite dimentional manifolds" link
24. I. Markina, A. Vasiliev "Evolution of Smooth Shapes and Integrable Systems" link
25. G. L. Vasconcelos "Multiple bubbles and fingers in a Hele-Shaw channel: complete set of steady solutions" link
26. K. Furutani, I. Markina, A. Vasiliev "Pseudo-metric 2-step nilpotent Lie algebras" link
27. S. Albeverio, Yu. Kondratiev, R. Nikiforov, G. Torbin "On fractal properties of non-normal numbers with respect to Rényi f-expansions generated by piecewise linear functions" link
28. S. Albeverio, Yu. Kondratiev, R. Nikiforov, G. Torbin "On new fractal phenomena connected with infinite linear IFS" link
29. S. Albeverio, I. Garko, M. Ibragim, G. Torbin "Non-normal numbers: Full Hausdorff dimensionality vs zero dimensionality" link
30. S. Albeverio, Yu. Kulyba, M. Pratsiovytyi, G. Torbin "On singularity and fine spectral structure of random continued fractions" link
31. J. Baranska, Yu. Kozitsky "Free jump dynamics in continuum" link
32. J. Baranska, Yu. Kozitsky "A Widom–Rowlinson Jump dynamics in the continuum" link
33. V. Bolotnikov, M. Elin, D. Shoikhet "Boundary asymptotic expansions of analytic self-mappings of the unit disk" link
34. F. Bracci, Yu. Kozitsky, D. Shoikhet "Abel averages and holomorphically pseudo-contractive maps in Banach spaces" link
35. F. Bracci, M. Levenshtein, S. Reich, D. Shoikhet "Growth Estimates for the Numerical Range of Holomorphic Mappings and Applications" link
36. M. Budzynska, T. Kuczumow, S. Reich "Limiting behavior of the Kobayashi distance" link
37. M. Budzynska, T. Kuczumow, S. Reich "The Wolff-Denjoy iteration property in complex Banach spaces" link
38. M. Budzynska, W. Kaczor, S. Reich "Inexact orbits and boundedness of iterates of nonexpansive mappings" link
39. M. Budzynska, T. Kuczumow, S. Reich "Convergence of iterates of fixed-point-free holomorphic mappings" link
40. M. Budzynska, S. Reich "The Denjoy-Wollf iteration property in the unit Hilbert ball" link
41. M. Budzynska, A. Grzesik, M. Kot "The generalized Day norm. Part I. Properties" link
42. M. Budzynska, A. Grzesik, M. Kot "The generalized Day norm. Part II. Applications" link
43. B. Carneiro da Cunha, F. Novaes "Kerr–de Sitter greybody factors via isomonodromy" link
44. A. Daletskii, Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky, T. Pasurek "A Phase Transition in a Quenched Amorphous Ferromagnet" link
45. A. Daletskii, Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky, T. Pasurek "Gibbs states on random configurations" link
46. A. Daletskii, Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky "Phase transitions in continuum ferromagnets with unbounded spins" link
47. M. Dudka, R. Folk, Yu. Holovatch "Phase diagram of Model C in the parametric space of order parameter and space dimensions" link
48. M. Dudka, A. A. Fedorenko, V. Blavatska, Yu. Holovatch "Critical behavior of the two-dimensional Ising model with long-range correlated disorder" link
49. M. Elin, D. Shoikhet "The radii problems for holomorphic mappings in J*-algebras" link
49. M. Elin, F. Jacobzon "Analyticity of semigroups on the right half-plane" link
50. M. Elin, D. Shoikhet, N. Tuneski "Parametric Embedding of Starlike Functions" link
51. D. L. Finkelshtein, M. J. Oliveira "A Survey on Bogoliubov Generating Functionals for Interacting Particle Systems in the Continuum" link
52. D. Finkelshtein, Yu. Kondratiev, O. Kutovyi "Statistical dynamics of continuous systems: perturbative and approximative approaches" link
53. D. Finkelshtein, Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky, O. Kutovyi "The statistical dynamics of a spatial logistic model and the related kinetic equation" link
54. D. Finkelshtein, Yu. Kondratiev, O. Kutoviy, E. Zhizhina "On an aggregation in birth-and-death stochastic dynamics" link
55. D. L. Finkelshtein "Around Ovsyannikov’s method" link
56. D. Finkelshtein, Yu. Kondratiev, O. Kutoviy, M. J. Oliveira "Dynamical Widom–Rowlinson Model and Its Mesoscopic Limit" link
57. D. Finkelshtein, Yu. Kondratiev, S. Molchanov, P. Tkachov "Global stability in a nonlocal reaction-diffusion equation" link
58. D. Finkelshtein, P. Tkachov "Accelerated nonlocal nonsymmetric dispersion for monostable equations on the real line" link
59. A. Frolova, M. Levenshtein, D. Shoikhet, A. Vasil’ev "Boundary Distortion Estimates for Holomorphic Maps" link
60. A. Frolova, A. Vasil’ev "Combinatorial description of jumps in spectral networks defined by quadratic differentials" link
61. T. Gadrich, G. Katriel "A mechanistic stochastic Ricker model: analytical and numerical investigations" link
62. I. I. Garko, R. O. Nikiforov, G. M. Torbin "On the G-isomorphism of probability and dimensional theories of representations of real numbers and fractal faithfulness of systems of coverings" link
63. A. Gibali, Li-Wei Liu, Yu-Chao Tang "Note on the modified relaxation CQ algorithm for the split feasibility problem" link
64. Kh. P. Gnatenko "Kinematic variables in noncommutative phase space and parameters of noncommutativity" link
65. Kh. P. Gnatenko, A. Kargol, V. M. Tkachuk "Two-time correlation functions and the Lee-Yang zeros for an interacting Bose gas" link
66. Kh. P. Gnatenko, V. M. Tkachuk "Noncommutative phase space with rotational symmetry and hydrogen atom" link
67. Kh. P. Gnatenko, V. M. Tkachuk "Two-particle system with harmonic oscillator interaction in noncommutative phase space" link
68. Yu. Holovatch, R. Kenna, S. Thurner "Complex systems: physics beyond physics" link
69. M. Ibragim, G. Torbin "On fractal faithfulness and fine fractal properties of random variables with independent Q*-digits" link
70. M. Ibragim, G. Torbin "A probabilistic approach to studies of DP-transformations and faithfullness of covering systems to evaluate the Hausdorff–Besicovitch dimension" link
71. J. Ilnytskyi, Y. Holovatch, Y. Kozitsky, H. Ilnytskyi "Computer simulations of a stochastic model for the non-immune disease spread" link
72. H. Ilnytskyi, J. Ilnytskyi "Simple epidemiology model for a non-immune disease with ordinary and resistant carriers" link
73. J. Ilnytskyi, Yu. Kozitsky, H. Ilnytskyi, O. Haiduchok "Stationary states and spatial patterning in SIS epidemiology model with implicit mobility" link
74. J. M. Ilnytskyi, A. Slyusarchuk, M. Saphiannikova "Photo-controllable Self-Assembly of Azobenzene-Decorated Nanoparticles in Bulk: Computer Simulation Study" link
75. J.M. Ilnytskyi, A.Y. Slyusarchuk, M. Saphiannikova "Photo-controllable percolation of decorated nanoparticles in a nanopore: molecular dynamics simulation study" link
76. D. Jasinska "A spatial individual-based contact model with age structure" link
77. O. Kalyuzhnyi, J. Ilnytskyi, Y. Holovatch "Universal shape characteristics of the mesoscopic polymer chain" link
78. O. Kalyuzhnyi, J. M. Ilnytskyi, Yu. Holovatch, Ch. von Ferber "Universal shape characteristics for the mesoscopic polymer chain via dissipative particle dynamics" link
79. O. Kalyuzhnyi, J. M. Ilnytskyi, Ch. von Ferber "Shape characteristics of the aggregates formed by amphiphilic stars in water: dissipative particle dynamics study" link
80. A. Kargol "Decay of correlations in N-vector ferromagnetic quantum models with long-range interactions" link
81. D. Kepa-Maksymowicz, Yu. Kozitsky "Paths and animals in infinite graphs with tempered degree growth" link
82. A. Yu. Khrennikov, A. N. Kochubei "p-adic analog of the porous medium equation" link
83. Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky "The Evolution of States in a Spatial Population Model" link
84. Yu. Kondratiev, A. N. Kochubei "Fractional kinetic hierarchies and intermittency" link
85. Yu. Kondratiev, S. Molchanov, B. Vainberg "Spectral analysis of non-local Schroedinger operators" link
86. Yu. Kondratiev, S. Molchanov, S. Pirogov, E. Zhizhina "On ground state of some non-local Schrödinger operators" link
87. Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky "Self-regulation in the Bolker–Pacala model" link
88. Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky "Evolution of states in a continuum migration model" link
89. Yu. Kozitsky "Dynamics of Spatial Logistic Model: Finite Systems" link
90. Yu. Kozitsky, M. Kozlovskii, O. Dobush "Phase Transitions in a Continuum Curie-Weiss System: A Quantitative Analysis" link
91. Yu. Kozitsky, M. Kozlovski "A Curie-Weiss theory of the continuum Widom-Rowlinson model" link
92. M.P. Kozlovskii, O.A. Dobush, R.V. Romanik "Concerning a Calculation of the Grand Partition Function Of A Fluid Model" link
93. M. Kozlovskii, O. Dobush "Representation of the grand partition function of the cell model: The state equation in the mean-field approximation" link
94. M. Kozlovskii, O. Dobush "Phase transition in a cell fluid model" link
95. M.P. Kozlovskii, O.A. Dobush, I.V. Pylyuk "Using a Cell Fluid Model for the Description of a Phase Transition in Simple Liquid Alkali Metals" link
96. M. Krasnytska, B. Berche, Yu. Holovatch, R. Kenna "On the discontinuity of the specific heat of the Ising model on a scale-free network" link
97. M. Krasnytska, B. Berche, Yu. Holovatch, R. Kenna "Partition function zeros for the Ising model on complete graphs and on annealed scale-free networks" link
98. M. Krasnytska, P. Sarkanych, B. Berche, Yu. Holovatch, R. Kenna "Marginal dimensions of the Potts model with invisible states" link
99. M. Lebid, G. Torbin "Singularity and fine fractal properties of one class of generalized infinite Bernoulli convolutions with essential overlapping. II" link
100. M. Lin, D. Shoikhet, L. Suciu "Remarks on uniform ergodic theorems" link
101. A.M.S. Macedo, I.R. Roa González, D.S.P. Salazar, G.L. Vasconcelos "Universality classes of fluctuation dynamics in hierarchical complex systems" link
102. I. Markina "Geodesics in Geometry with Constraints and Applications" link
103. I. Markina "Sub-Riemannian Geometry and Hypoelliptic Operators" link
104. A. Moudafi, A. Gibali "l-1 – l-2 regularization of split feasibility problem" link
105. O. Mryglod, R. Kenna, Yu. Holovatch, B. Berche "Predicting results of the Research Excellence Framework using departmental h-index" link
106. O. Mryglod, Yu. Holovatch, R. Kenna, B. Berche "Quantifying the evolution of a scientific topic: reaction of the academic community to the Chornobyl disaster" link
107. O. Ovaskainen, D. Finkelshtein, O. Kutoviy, S. Cornell, B. Bolker, Yu. Kondratiev "A general mathematical framework for the analysis of spatiotemporal point processes" link
108. K. Pilorz "A kinetic equation for repulsive coalescing random jumps in continuum" link
109. A.M.T. Ramos, J.A. Carvalho, G.L. Vasconcelos "Exponential model for option prices: Application to the Brazilian market" link
110. I.R. Roa González, B.C. Lima, P.I.R. Pincheira, A.A. Brum, A.M.S. Macedo, G.L. Vasconcelos, Leonardo de S. Menezes, E.P. Raposo, A.S.L. Gomes, Raman Kashyap "Turbulence hierarchy in a random fibre laser" link
111. M.I. Samar and V.M. Tkachuk "Exact solutions for two-body problems in 1D deformed space with minimal length" link
112. P. Sarkanych, Yu. Holovatch, R. Kenna "Exact solution of a classical short-range spin model with a phase transition in one dimension: The Potts model with invisible states" link
113. O.Slutskyi "On packing dimension preservation by distribution functions of random variables with independent Q-digits" link
114. W.O. Sosa-Correa, A.M.T. Ramos, G.L. Vasconcelos "Investigation of non-Gaussian effects in the Brazilian option market" link
115. L. Sydoruk, G. Torbin "On singularity of distribution of random variables with independent symbols of Oppenheim expansions" link
116. A. Tanas "A continuum individual based model of fragmentation: dynamics of correlation functions" link
117. V.A. Ustimenko "On new multivariate cryptosystems with nonlinearity gap" link
118. V.A. Ustimenko "On new multivariate cryptosystems based on hidden Eulerian equations" link
119. R. Yaari, G. Katriel, L. Stone, E. Mendelson, M. Mandelboim, A. Huppert "Model-based reconstruction of an epidemic using multiple datasets: understanding influenza A/H1N1 pandemic dynamics in Israel" link
120. R. Yaari, E. Kaliner, I. Grotto, G. Katriel, J. Moran-Gilad, D. Sofer, E. Mendelson, E. Miller, A. Huppert, E. Anis, E. Kopel, Y. Manor, O. Mor, L. Shulman, R. Singer, M. Weil "Modeling the spread of polio in an IPV-vaccinated population: lessons learned from the 2013 silent outbreak in southern Israel" link
121. Q.-L. Dong, D. Jiang, A. Gibali "A modified subgradient extragradient method for solving the variational inequality problem" link
122. Q.-L. Dong, A. Gibali, D. Jiang, S.-H. Ke "Convergence of projection and contraction algorithms with outer perturbations and their applications to sparse signals recovery" link
123. Q.-L. Dong, A. Gibali, D. Jiang, Y. Tang "Bounded perturbation resilience of extragradient-type methods and their applications" link
124. M. Elin, D. Shoikhet, T. Sugawa "Filtration of semi-complete vector fields revisited" link
125. A. Frolova, D. Khavinson, A. Vasil'ev "Polynomial lemniscates and their fingerprints: from geometry to topology" link
126. A. Golberg, R. Salimov "Regularity of mappings with integrally restricted moduli" link
127. Yu. Kozitsky "Evolution of states of a continuum jump model with attraction" link
128. S. Albeverio, I. Lysenko, M. Pratsiovytyi, G. Torbin "On Bernoulli convolutions generated by second Ostrogradsky series and their fine fractal properties" link
129. J. Baranska, Yu. Kozitsky "The global evolution of states of a continuum Kawasaki model with repulsion" link
130. V. Bezborodov, L. di Persio, T. Krueger, M. Lebid, T. Ozanski "Asymptotic shape and the speed of propagation of continuous-time continuous-space birth processes" link
131. Y. Censor, A. Gibali "The cyclic Douglas-Rachford algorithm with r-sets-Douglas-Rachford operators" link
132. M. Elin, F. Jacobzon, G. Katriel "Non-commutative holomorphic semicocycles" link
133. D. Finkelshtein, Yu. Kondratiev, P. Tkachov "Accelerated front propagation for monostable equations with nonlocal diffusion" link
134. D. Finkelshtein, P. Tkachov "Kesten's bound for sub-exponential densities on the real line and its multi-dimensional analogues" link
135. D. Finkelshtein, P. Tkachov "The hair-trigger effect for a class of nonlocal nonlinear equations" link
136. D. Finkelshtein, Yu. Kondratiev, E. Lytvynov, M. J. Oliveira "An infinite dimensional umbral calculus" link
137. Kh.P. Gnatenko, A. Kargol, V.M. Tkachuk "Time correlation functions and Fisher zeros for q-deformed Bose gass" link
138. Kh.P. Gnatenko, A. Kargol, V.M. Tkachuk "Lee-Yang zeros and two-time spin correlation function" link
139. Kh.P. Gnatenko, V.M. Tkachuk "Composite system in rotationally invariant noncommutative phase space" link
140. O. Kalyuzhnyi, J.M. Ilnytskyi, Yu. Holovatch, Ch. von Ferber "Universal shape characteristics for the mesoscopic star-shaped polymer via dissipative particle dynamics simulations" link
141. Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky "Self-regulation in continuum population models" link
142. M. Kotorowicz , Yu. Kozitsky "Hierarchical random graphs based on motifs" link
143. Yu. Kozitsky, M. Kozlovskii "A phase transition in a Widom-Rowlinson model with Curie-Weiss interaction" link
144. Yu. Kozitsky, M. Kozlovskii "A phase transition in a continuum particle system with binary Curie-Weiss interactions" link
145. M.P Kozlovskii, I.V. Pylyuk, O.A. Dobush "The equation of state of a simple fluid in the supercritical region" link
146. O.Mryglod, B.Berche, Yu. Holovatch, R. Kenna "Complex-network approach for visualizing and quantifying the evolution of a scientific topic" link
147. R. de Regt, Ch. von Ferber, Yu. Holovatch, M. Lebovka "Public transportation in UK viewed as a complex network" link
148. G.L. Vasconcelos, D.S.P. Salazar, and A.M.S. Macedo "Maximum entropy approach to H-theory: Statistical mechanics of hierarchical systems" link
149. B. Carneiro da Cunha, M. Carvalho de Almeida, A. Rabelo de Queiroz "On the existence of monodromies for the Rabi model" link

Please, make the reference to the project EU FP7 IRSES program STREVCOMS, grant no. PIRSES- GA-2013-612669 in all the publications, related to the subject of the project

If you want to add something, please, do not hesitate to write by e-mail (irina.markina at to Irina Markina

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