Chayantaka territory is located in the eastern range of the Bolivian Andes, generally between 3,200 and 4,000 meters above sea level, with some peaks also reaching up to 4,400 meters. There are few extensive flat spaces (altiplano); the topography is for the most part precipitous, with many narrow valleys and ravines between high ridges.

The community of Irupata, Ayllu Chayantaka

View looking north from the edge of the community of
Chayanta Qalaqala, Ayllu Chayantaka

Chayantaka engage in a mixed regime of agriculture and pastoralism. The household is the basic economic unit, and at times of intensive work people rely on extended kinship networks.

A man opens the ground for planting wheat; his wife
follows behind dropping seed into the furrow.

A young man digs out potatoes; his father-in-law
follows behind, gathering them into a basket.

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