Biot equations and a posteriori error estimates

International Workshop in Voss, Norway, 07-09 March 2016

  • Location: Hotel Fleischer

  • Program

  • Invited Speakers: Markus Bause, Eirik Keilegavlen, Maria Neuss-Radu, Jan M. Nordbotten, Carmen Rodrigo, Marie E. Rognes, Jan Valdman

  • Organizing committee: Kundan Kumar, Florin A. Radu, Sergei Repin

  • This workshop is supported by the SIU project "An extensive collaborative project on education, research and training with Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg".

  • The students including Masters and PhD candidates are especially encouraged to participate in this workshop. In accordance with the SIU project objectives, the workshop level is intended at a level suitable for the advanced graduate and PhD students. So far the confirmed participants are: Wietse Boon (PhD student, UiB), Michael Sergado (PhD student, UiB), Jakub Both (PhD student, UiB), Manuel Borregales (PhD student, UiB), Eleonora Piersanti (PhD student, SIMULA, Oslo), Anna Nissen (Postdoc, UiB), Erik Hanson (Postdoc, UiB), Alessio Fumagalli (Postdoc, UiB), Svetlana Matculevich (Postdoc, RAS St. Petersburgh).