Florin A. Radu: PhD students

  1. Erlend Storvik, UiB (main adviser, together with J.M. Nordbotten, R. Helmig). 01.2019-

  2. Manuela Bastidas Olivares, University of Hasselt, Belgium (co-adviser, main adviser: I.S. Pop). 05.2017-

  3. David Seus, University of Stuttgart, germany (co-adviser, main adviser: C. Rohde). 01.2016-

  4. Davide Illiano, UiB (main adviser, together with K-A. Lie and I.S. Pop). 08.2017-

  5. Mats Brun, UiB (main adviser, together with I. Berre and J.M. Nordbotten). 08.2016-06.2019. Thesis: Upscaling, analysis, and iterative schemes for thermo-poroelasticity

  6. David Landa Marban, UiB (main adviser, together with I.S. Pop and K. Kumar). 08.2016- 08.2016-06.2019. Thesis: Mathematical modeling of microbial enhanced oil recovery with focus on bio-plug technology: from the pore to the core scale

  7. Ana Budisa, UiB (co-adviser, together with E. Keileavlen and J.M. Nordbotten). 09.2016-01.2020 Thesis:

  8. Abay Molla Kassa, UiB, Uni Research CIPR (co-adviser, together with S. Gasda and K. Kumar). 09.2016-

  9. Jakub Both, UiB (main adviser, together with K. Kumar, J. M. Nordbotten and I.S. Pop). 11.2015-11.2019 Thesis: Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Flow in Deformable Porous Media

  10. Manuel Antonio Borregales, UiB (main adviser, together with J. M. Nordbotten and K. Kumar). 06.2015-11.2019 Thesis: Iterative solvers for poromechanics: Iterative solvers for poromechanics

  11. Leonid Vasiliev, UiB (co-adviser, together with J. M. Nordbotten (main adviser) and K. Kumar). 10.2015-03.2018. Thesis:Development and implementation of the generalized continuum model for transport in porous media

  12. Stefan Karpinsky, University of Hasselt, Belgium (co-adviser, together with I. S. Pop (main adviser)). 04.2015-05.2017. Thesis:Numerical analysis of an interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin scheme for two phase flow in heterogeneous porous media with discontinuous dynamic capillary pressure effects

  13. Carina Bringedal, UiB (co-adviser, together with I. Berre (main adviser) and I.S. Pop). 10.2012-10.2015. Thesis: Modelling of heat transfer in porous media in the context of geothermal extraction