Florin A. Radu: Master students at the University of Bergen


  1. Nadia Emilie Skoglund (main adviser, together with K. Kumar and I. Gjerde), 2019.

    Title: Simulation of Flow and Mechanics in the Brain

  2. Oda Gilhuus Gregusson (main adviser), 2019.

    Title: On the coupling of the Biot model with reactive transport

  3. Andrea Tronstad Lonn (main adviser, togeher with David Landa), 2019.

    Title: Modeling and simulation of EOR due to biofilm formation and gas production


  4. Erlend Storvik (main adviser, together with Jakub Both), 2018.

    Title: On the optimization of iterative schemes for solving non-linear and/or coupled PDEs


  5. Anders Westrheim (main adviser), 2017.

    Title: Existence and Uniqueness of Non-linear, Possibly Degenerate Parabolic PDEs, with Applications to Flow in Porous Media


  6. David Landa Marban (main adviser, together with J.M. Nordbotten), 2016.

    Title: Modeling and Simulation of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery: A New Approach which Includes the Role of Interfacial Area.

  7. Abai Molla Kassa (co-adviser, together with K. Kumar), 2016.

    Title: Mathematical Modeling of Optimal Control Strategy for Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes.

  8. Samaneh Mofrad Abolpour (main adviser, together with K. Kumar), 2016.

    Title: Microbially enhanced techniques for oil recovery and clogging.

  9. Davide Illiano (main adviser), 2016.

    Title: Iterative schemes for solving coupled, non-linear flow and transport in porous media.


  10. Kai Skiftestad (main adviser), 2015.

    Title: Numerical simulation of microbial enhanced oil recovery with focus on dynamic effects: an iterative approach.

  11. Anna Kvashchuk (main adviser), 2015.

    Title: A robust implicit scheme for two-phase flow in porous media.


  12. Birgitte Erichsen (main adviser), 2014.

    Title: Mathematical modelling of slow drug release from collagen matrices.

  13. Stanley Babatunde (main adviser, together with J.M. Nordbotten), 2014.

    Title: Modelling of oil reservoirs with focus on microbial induced effects.

  14. Silje Kjonaas Teveldal (main adviser), 2014.

    Title: Dynamic capillary effects in the simulation of flow and transport in porous media: a new linearization scheme.


  15. Victor Lampe (co-adviser, together with I. Berre), 2013.

    Title: Modelling fluid flow and heat transport in fractural porous media.

  16. Tineke Roe (main adviser, together with I. Berre), 2013.

    Title: Modelling an simulation of concrete carbonation using TPFA.