Dean S. Oliver
Principal Researcher
Uni Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research
Uni Research
Bergen, Norway

Current students

Student Degree Dissertation/Thesis Title
Miguel Alfonzo PhD (started 2015) Characterization of seismic error and bias and implementation of bias correction in 4D seismic history matching
Alina Astrakova PhD (started 2012) Conditioning truncated pluri-Gaussian models to facies observations in ensemble-Kalman-based data assimilation

Former students (University of Bergen)

Student Degree Year Dissertation/Thesis Title
Yanhui Zhang PhD 2015 Ensemble methods of data assimilation in porous media flow for non-gaussian prior probability density

Former students (University of Oklahoma)

Student Degree Year Dissertation/Thesis Title
Yao Tong MS 2010 Adaptive Regularization in the EnKF for Reservoir History Matching
Vahid Dehdari MS 2010 Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) for Solving Constrained Production Optimization
Chinedu Agbalaka PhD 2010 History Matching of 3D Reservoir Models with Complex Non-gaussian Distributions of the Model Parameters
Yanfen Zhang PhD 2010 Improving the EnKF for History Matching: Multiscale Parameterization and Bootstrap-Based Screening
Hemant Phale PhD 2010 Data Assimilation Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter with Emphasis on the Inequality Constraints
Yan Chen PhD 2008 Ensemble-Based Closed-Loop Production Optimization (pdf file)
Yaqing Gu PhD 2006 Ensemble Kalman Filter for Reservoir Model Updating
Jude Nwaozo MS 2006 Dynamic Optimization of a Water Flood Reservoir (pdf file)
Yannong Dong PhD 2005 Integration of Time-Lapse Seismic Data into Automatic History Matching (pdf file)
Ning Liu PhD 2005 Automatic History Matching of Geologic Facies (pdf file)

Former students (University of Tulsa)

Student Degree Year Dissertation/Thesis Title
Fengjun Zhang PhD 2002 Automatic History Matching of Production Data for Large Scale Problems
Usman Suleiman MS 2002 Gaussian Co-Simulation and Modeling of Cross-Covariance
Yafes Abacioglu PhD 2001 The Use of Subspace Methods for Efficient Conditioning of Reservoir Models to Production Data (pdf file)
Ruijian Li PhD 2001 Conditioning Geostatistical Models to Three-Dimensional, Three-Phase Flow Production Data by Automatic History Matching
Ning Liu MS 2001 Assessment of Uncertainty Assessment Methods
Soraya Betancourt MS 2000 Comparison of Sampling Methods for Uncertainty Evaluation in Reservoir Flow Predictions
Zhan Wu PhD 1999 Conditioning Geostatistical Models to Two-Phase Flow Production Data (pdf file)
Zhuoxin Bi PhD 1999 Conditioning 3D Stochastic Channels to Well-Test Pressure Data (pdf file)
Nanqun He PhD 1997 Three Dimensional Reservoir Description by Inverse Theory Using Well-Test Pressure and Geostatistical Data (pdf file)
Luciane Cunha PhD 1996 Sampling the a Posteriori Probability Density for Permeability Fields Conditioned to the Variogram and Well-Test Pressure Data

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