Chunlei Li Ph.D.

Chunlei Li 

Associate Professor (CV in PDF)

Selmer Center, Department of Informatics

University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway


Office-Tel.: (0047) 55584013

Mailing Address: Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, Postboks 7803, N-5020, Bergen, Norway

Visiting Adress: Office 204N1, Data-block in Bergen High Technology Center

Reseach Profile: Publons, Google Scholar, DBLP

Research Interest

My major research interests lie in security aspects of information technology and communication (ICT), including

  • sequence/signal design for wireless communications

  • coding theory: algebraic codes, network codes, rank-metric codes and their applications

  • cryptography: symmetric cryptography, homomorphic encryptions, searchable encryptions, post-quantum cryptography

  • blockchain: design and application of blockchain

  • discrete mathematics, particularly permutations and cryptographic properties of Boolean functions