Interest in Music (IiM) scale

The Interest in Music (IiM) scale is a scale to measure interest in music among clients in mental health care. Its reliability and validity have been tested in an international sample and published here.

The IiM scale is currently available in these languages: English; German; Norwegian; Spanish; Italian; Greek; Hebrew. Many thanks to Karina Ferrari, Maj-Britt Posserud, Patxi del Campo, Kevin Hahn, and Douglas Hales for providing and validating the Spanish version; to Enrico Ceccato and Stefano Pastorello for the Italian version; to Evdokia Maltezou and Sotirios Plakas for the Greek version; and to Tali Gottfried and Michal Kizelstein for the Hebrew version.

Please note that the Hebrew version contains additional items; however, the psychometric qualities described in the original article pertain only to the 12 original items, which were translated and back-translated from the English original.

You are welcome to use the scale, provided that you reference the published article. If you would like to translate the IiM to another language or validate a translated version, please contact me (contact information here).