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Michael Baumgartner

University of Bergen
Department of Philosophy
Postboks 7805
5020 Bergen

Tel: +47 55 588 960
Fax: +47 55 589 651
Email: michael.baumgartner@uib.no

I am a full professor at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bergen. My PhD is from the University of Bern (2005). I work on questions in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of logic, in particular, on causation, mechanistic constitution, and logical formalization. My publications include an introduction to the philosophy of causation entitled "Kausalitaet und kausales Schliessen" (2004) and numerous papers on causation, causal reasoning, regularity theories, interventionism, mechanistic constitution, non-reductive physicalism, epiphenomenalism, determinism, logical formalization, argument reconstruction/evaluation, modeling in the social sciences, QCA, and the slingshot argument.

1) Recently, the COMPASSS network openly called on journal editors to ignore reviewer recommendations concerning the incorrectness of certain QCA solution types. I decidedly disagree with that call and, hence, co-authored a reply to it with Alrik Thiem. Dimiter Toshkov also addressed this issue in his blog. A public debate on the issue of QCA solution types will be held at the ETH Zurich (IFW building) on Monday 11 December, 2017, from 18h to 20h.

2) Version 2.0.0 of the cna R-package is now available on CRAN: https://cran.r-project.org/package=cna
While previous versions have only been capable of processing dichotomous variables, version 2.0.0 generalizes cna for multi-value and continuous variables whose values are interpreted as membership scores in fuzzy sets. A manuscript explaining the details of the new CNA algorithm can be found here.